The World Economics Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report for 2015 has come out, and as usual that means one thing, we get to find out where the most expensive places to travel are so we can avoid them.

The report gets the average hotel cost, cost of living, flight ticket taxes, airport charges, and fuel prices, before using some kind of algorithm that mushes all of that info together and gives us a handy little list.

So here are the results, ranked lowest to highest in order of the average spend per international tourist, and somehow Ireland managed to stay out of it!

10. Austria: $810

9. Italy: $920

8. Sweden: $987

7. Denmark: $811

6. Israel: $1,912

5. Norway: $1,199

4. Australia: $4,897

3. France: $669

2. United Kingdom: $1,316

1. Switzerland: $1,882

Via Business Insider UK