Because things constantly need to be remade in this life, here is the LA premiere of The Thing.

To be fair, the film isn't just referencing a film from the 80s, the 'thing' in question here could refer to the thing Selena Gomez is doing with her hands (little fish, big fish, cardbox box), or the thing on Kristofer Hivju's face. Or perhaps it's referring to the thing that must draw women in their early 20s to these two borderline middle aged things.

And then there's this thing, who looks like a cross between Jerry Bruckheimer, Richard Branson and one of the Olsen Twins (no relation).

Or this thing who resembles Woody Harrelson. Keeping with this thing, maybe this thing who looks like Sandra Bullock's yearbook photo, or this pretty thing who stars in this incarnation of The Thing.

This thing isn't going anywhere, so will leave it there.