The vast majority of guests in attendance of the Golden Globes last night, men and women included, wore black to the awards to raise awareness of the sexual harassment and abuse allegations that have emerged in relation to the industry over the past number of months.

The decision to wear black was also in line with the Time’s Up initiative founded by the women of Hollywood. However, there were three celebrities who chose not to wear black to the ceremony - German model Barbara Meier, actress Blanca Blanco and president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Meher Tatna.




Speaking to Refinery29, Blanco explained why she chose to wear red, saying: "I love red. Wearing red does not means I am against #timesup movement. I applaud and stand by the courageous actresses that continue to [break] the circle of abuse through their actions and their style choice.

"It is one of many factors leading women to a safer place because of their status in the acting world. I am excited about the 'Time's UP' movement because true change is long overdue."

Tatna, meanwhile, wore the Time’s Up badge on her outfit, and explained that her reason for wearing red was cultural. She told Entertainment Tonight: "My mom and I planned this together a couple of months ago, it is a cultural thing.

"When you have a celebration, you don't wear black. So she would be appalled if I were to [have] worn black. And so this is, for my mom." She went on to say that she is "standing in solidarity with all these other women."

The three women have undergone criticism on social media, though others have come to their defence: