After all the drama over his contract last week, Wayne and Coleen Rooney have been soaking up the sun in Dubai. The pair have been snapped over the past few days having swims, drinking champagne and everything looked pretty amicable and relaxed. Well, after signing a contract that would see around £250,000 land on the kitchen table every week, who wouldn't be relaxed.

However, The Sun, are claiming otherwise (of course). Today the tabloid is stating that the pair have barley talked and seem quite distant, with Colleen befriending a fellow holiday maker instead of spending time with her fellah. Apparently it all started with a broken glass and since then neither Coleen nor Wayne have engaged in much conversation with one another. On a break from the sun lounger, the mum of one was pictured sitting on a wall with a random guest of the hotel who has made it into their elite group of BFOH's (Best Friends on Holidays *thumbs up*). The Sun states she had the following to say "Me and Wayne deserved this break - we needed this time away. We've come out here to get away from everything. We just want some peace and quiet." The £2,600 a night, two floor apartment that your staying might just help you out there Coleen.

The paper also claims that they might be cutting their trip short as one of Dubai's longest serving monarchs has died and the area is in a state of mourning, with many shops and bars being closed. But in their defence, they probably look like most couples do on holidays. Majority of guys are totally bored while sun bathing, it's just not in the male DNA to sit for hours on end under the sun. Especially if you've got Wayne's colouring, he more then likely burns in the rain. Another point is that after everything they have been through, it's bound to take them a considerable amount of time to get back to how they were.

Now for the complete opposite side of the story where The Daily Star are telling an entirely different version *flings tabloids over head*. It's actually exhausting keeping up with this tripe. Coleen needs to chat to Piers Morgan and let that be that. Right, so long story short, Mr and Mrs were seen having a great time on holidays, laughing, joking and Wayne even bought his woman a diamond necklace from the hotel gift shop (which I have no doubt was an expensive jewellery store). Now, the pair have decided to renew their wedding vows on the French Riviera next June.

-Alicia Coyle