Is there anything Dwayne Johnson can’t do?

Titled “What Really Happened?”, the mini-series will be hosted by award-winning documentary filmmaker Andrew Jenks. The initial six episodes focus on Muhammed Ali, Chris Christie, Britney Spears, Michael Jordan, Winston Churchill and Princess Diana.

Jenks uses his documentary film-making skills to forensically examine the lives and various controversies surrounding these well-known figures.

The premise is that the “official story” of their lives is only a rough draft and that the series will dig into the gaps between perception and reality.

Johnson himself features in the opening Muhammed Ali episode in which we hear a story about Ali saving a man from suicide and not being allowed to fight in California by Ronald Reagan after protesting the Vietnam War draft.

“What Really Happened?” is available to subscribe and listen to on-demand through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

Via: Uproxx