It’s not just our wardrobe that we should be changing when the warmer weather comes around, we should also switch to a lighter scent

We hope that within a few days we’ll all be saying “sure it’s too warm out”, and the summer will well and truly be with us. For now we’re going to have to make do with muggy, grey, and occasional bursts of sunlight when the clouds go away for long enough. With the change in season however, our outfit choices should also be changing. Ditch the dark colours of winter and the heavy layers and go for lighter, brighter pieces.

That should also carry through to your cologne, and the brand new Armani Code Ice reflects that. Following a trend amongst men’s fragrances at the moment, the new scent from Armani picks up on citrus notes and overall has a more casual air that the summer tends to bring with it. Swapping the suit for a shirt and jeans, this fragrance is perfect for the long, warmer evenings, without being overpowering.

The base notes are tonka bean( a sweet smelling bean from the pea family) and clary sage with a tang of citrus, which all come through in the cologne. While it does share ingredients with regular Code (one of the Man-Cave’s favourite fragrances) it also is different enough to warrant being its own scent. It’s lighter and more relaxed, and probably aimed at an age group in their 20s, but that shouldn’t put you off if you want to freshen up your collection a bit.

The really, really ridiculously good-looking Chris Pine is the man they’ve chosen to be the face of this campaign too, and although we’ve never gotten close enough to him (on the request of his lawyers) to smell him, we’re fairly sure he’s probably a man for a good cologne.

It’s a good everyday scent that brings some freshness and an air of cleanliness to your musk without giving up those notes that make it uniquely masculine.

Code Ice will be available from Giorgio Armani fragrance counters nationwide from June 2014