It was around this time last year that campaigned for KC from Cork's Red FM to win Best Regional DJ at The Meteor Awards. And, whaddaya know, he only went on to win the thing, which gave him the opportunity to spill an expletive when the awards were broadcast on RTE, so a massive thank you to all who voted.

This year, KC's been nominated again, along with his co-presenter, Lenny. The duo have been presenting the show together for the last three years and have already won the Best Breakfast Show in Ireland at the P.P.I. Radio Industry Awards last year. Upon learning he won, Lenny bounded up to the podium bellowing "UP THE REBELS" into the bemused face of Sean Moncrieff who was sitting in the front row. Who wouldn't want to see that replicated on national TV come March 17th?

Again, it's rare and beautiful thing when something is championed on this page, and there's usually a good reason behind it. So, why exactly am I rallying for these to fellahs to win? OK, let's overlook the fact that one of them happens to be the boyfriend (for those who don't know the story, it's one fit for James Corden and Ruth Jones to whittle into a BAFTA winning comedy; I fell for him over the phone lines about two years ago, it's that dulcet Corkonian accent of his *swoons*) so the cheerleading could be construed as slightly biased, but let's look at the impartial facts: KC and Lenny are simply the best *dances* at what they do - rousing people out of their pits from 6am every morning. They devise original sketches and windups, as well as exclusive interviews, competitions and general off the cuff hilarity, non-stop for four hours. No mean feat when you've been up since 5am. It's also worth mentioning that they produce the show entirely by themselves which means they're often still beavering away until well after lunchtime. If such dedication isn't deserving of an award, I don't know what is.

In short, it would be only mighty (and really appreciated) if you could take the time to text rdj1 to 0857114444 or vote online. According to Lenny, if they win, "KC is willing to do his own kinda bob-a-job thingy, doing any odd jobs people have about the house so, if ye have a cow that needs to be milked or a few slates that need replacing, get voting!"