After much in house debate at towers, we've decided we know why Kendall Jenner opted for her rather large nostril trinket at this year's Coachella...

It wasn't just for the photos so we'd all start talking about Lacoste, I mean, why wouldn't you wear something that large hanging out of yer honk at a crowded festival where things tend to get snagged as you barrel your way through rambunctious crowds, and what not. 

It was a simple matter of the countless stand storms. See her friend with the sunglasses there? Well, during one of the many sandstorms, he led Kendall like a bull through the more blinding bits. It's the only reasonable explanation. Sandstorms were also the reason behind Leonardo DiCaprio's face attire (may also explain the arbitrary air punching mid-dance...)

See, everything serves a purpose, no matter how silly we may think it looks *ahems*