Twitter and the internet went into meltdown earlier today with the news that Zayn had left One Direction, and with all that commotion, you might have forgot about the real victim of this whole story. 

That's right, it's not the One Direction fans, nor Zayn himself who has decided that he wants to spend some time living life as a normal person, it is one Jamie Searls of Kinsale. 

You might not be familiar with Jamie in his everyday guise, but he plays Zayn in a popular One Direction tribute act Only One Direction, and while we're sure his fellow impersonators wouldn't insist on kicking him out, it may be too emotional for 1D-ers everywhere to see a tribute band with Zayn still in it. 



Did Zayn even think about Jamie before he made his decision? Possibly not, but Jamie is a multi-talented lad who has experience in radio presenting and acting, we're sure he'll pull through.

Via Vpoint