I can't believe your mother turned up to Vanity Fair's Oscars After Party wearing a pair of pants either, Lourdes. It's quite the shocker.

Yesterday, I queried the whereabouts of one Madonna at the event. As it turns out, I was too quick off the mark uploading the Vanity Fair gallery (get me). Imagine my joy when I went into it WENN to see their gallery of the soiree had all but trebled in size. Yaaaaaay.

So here it is, in all its glory, filled with those who turned up later than the slew of pensioners. As expected, some changed their gowns: Army Hammer's girlfriend employed the feathers of some of the birds her previous oil slick killed; Camila Alves went with something a lot fussier; Marisa Tomei got it wrong again; Gwyneth must of been seizing up in her Tin Man costume cause she went with a flowing gold number; Hailee changed her footwear; while Anne Hathaway finally got it right.... after four increasingly misguided onstage outfit changes (what was that ultraviolet light tube she wore at the end about?), she finally got it right. Very lovely.

Meanwhile, some didn't bother changing (Scarlett's bum, Natalie, Helena), and then there were those who never made it to the awards at all, so this was their moment to shine. There were more red dresses in the form of Selita Ebanks, Serena Williams, Kathryn Bigelow, Anna Kendrick, Angelica Huston, Zoe Saldana and Selena Gomez (who's looking more like the Bieber in drag with each passing photo op). Those feeling a bit blue included Bryce Dallas Howard, Dianna Agron, Catherine O'Hara, Rosario Dawson, Juliette Lewis, and *shields eyes* Lea Michele. Of course, black was also prevalent, with Sofia Vergara, Eva Mendes, Vera Farmiga, Liv Tyler, Naomi Watts, and Kate Beckinsale choosing a more subtle look (although Vergara did have her arse out).

Then there were the minis. Taylor Swift, Elizabeth Banks and Amanda Seyfried showed a lot of leg, not to mention bits of underwear and the odd ankle move, while Cameron Diaz hoisted herself into a dress made for a fourteen-year-old.
Looking very alluring, and totally putting her pretend mother-in-law to shame, one Jessica Biel. While Claire Danes looked like she was off to a futuristic operating theatre (seriously, look at the nursey shoe). Speaking of sleeping attire, here's Rashida Jones in a nightie from 1977. And then there was Paz De le Huerta... 

Here's yet another Oscar-related gallery, it's from Elton John's Annual Aids Foundation shindig.