Pope Francis has made plenty of sacrifices in his life, many of which have made him the man he is today...a.k.a The Pope. 

As it turns out, one of the bigger sacrifices he made, according to a recent interview with Argentine newspaper La Voz del Pueblo, was giving up TV back in 1990, and he claims that he hasn't watched a minute of it since.

He stated that it was "a promise I made to the Virgin of Carmen on the night of 15 July 1990", and since then he's not watched any television since. That includes watching his beloved football team San Lorenzo, as he gets one of the Swiss Guards to tell him the results of the games instead.

Think of all the great shows he's missed without being able to watch any TV at all. The Pope has never seen an episode of Friends (he's been on a break), he won't know much about Tony Soprano, and he probably never saw an epsiode of Mr. Bean, a show which started in 1990 on ITV. Then again, he's also never had to watch a single episode of Two and a Half Men, so there's that at least.

Also he said he missed being able to go out and get a pizza, and that getting one delivered just isn't the same: "the point is to go there", it seems. That must be a particularly cruel fate when you're based in Italy. Well Vatican City, but you know what we mean...

Via i100