Hello again. I've been ill again. Not too long ago, I was staving off tonsillitis. They say these things happen in threes, so I guess my body's planning on contracting Scurvy next week through the lack of vitamin C my current bout of gastroenteritis has afforded me.

As my brain has been replaced with half-gnawed rice cakes and flat 7Up, I'll be bringing you mostly pictures today. Why, here's a few from The Other Guys premiere in London. Hasn't Eva got a pretty dress on, and isn't her hair holding up well despite the inclement weather. That would be largely thanks to this umbrella wielding giant, and no doubt the large amount of hair product she's got stowed in what appears to be her makeup bag.

Her fellow cast members, Marky Mark and Will Ferrell also braved the rain, with the latter insisting on holding his own brolly (he was probably taller than all the other weather repellent people available) while Wahlberg went so far as to converse with some bedraggled fans.

At least, this time around, we can attribute the remaining pithy guest list to the less than amiable weather. Hi there, Harvey, Hofit and Ultimate Big Brother Winner Brian Dowling. While we're at it, our sincerest congrats to you, Brian. It'll make appearing in that panto come Christmas even more fulfilling. No, in all seriousness, well done, you've done us Irish proud. Nargh, it doesn't matter what I type, it's all going to sound facetious given it's Big Brother related. OK, put it this way, you're a preferable export to one of our main representatives at the minute - keep up the good work.