You might have noticed that we're kind of interested in The Oscars... They're taking place in L.A. this Sunday night and we plan to kick off our live blog from 11pm to coincide with the famous famous striding up the red carpet (we'll be observing the red carpet happenings on E! if you'd care to join us). Then we'll be posting the winners names as they come in (coverage starts on Sky Movies Premiere at 1.30am), along with the usual wry comments on our behalf *flicks hair*. Then, from 9am on Monday morning, we will have a mountain of snap shots from the event, including a Red Carpet Gallery, Winners' Gallery, and of course the odd pic from the all-important After Parties. And where can you catch all this coverage? On our superdidooper dedicated Oscars Page. Feel free to pay it a visit now, we already have Oscar related news filtering in (that cross-eyed possum called Heidi is heavily featured...) and there's always the galleries from last year to pour over. Enjoy!