Everyone's got a pair of Vans runners at this stage - why not pick yours up and throw them right now.

2019 has been disappointing so far, in terms of viral sensations that is. Well, with the arrival of March and snowy weather, it turns out that we were just waiting for the boredom to settle in. Throwing your trainers on the floor is the newest sensation to grip social media.

The new sensation all began when Twitter user @ibelievethehype uploaded a video throwing her runners on the floor - landing lace-side up.


Of course, it has started an onslaught of copycats with similar results.


As well as proving that most of the time the trainers do indeed land correctly - people these days have way too many pairs.


The viral sensation has turned into quite the challenge.


The rules have been set; if they don't land lace-up - they're "fake".


Shout out to the people out there who don't own a pair too.

This writer tried the challenge today, and it hasn't worked out. Have you tried the challenge yet?