The Burj Khalifa's days as the world's tallest building are numbered. 

The Dubai tower which stands at a whopping 2,722 feet will have to settle for second place once Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower finishes construction. 

Named after the city in which it is being erected, the Jeddah Tower is planned to rise to around 3,280 feet (just shy of a kilometre). The tower will contain a luxury hotel, office space, apartments, luxury condominiums and an observatory according to Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, which designed the building. 

Construction of the epic building has come with its challenges due to its poximity to the sea (its located on the coast of the Red Sea). The building also needs to withstand high winds which is why its shape changes every few floors.

26 of the proposed 200 floors have been built so far it construction estimated to be complete by 2020.

Via Mashable