'Billy on the Street' is usually pretty hilarious in its own right, as comedian Billy Eichner lugs celebrities around the streets of New York and question-bombs the general public about them.

What makes it even funnier, however, is when he takes a well-known name and tells the public they're someone else - and they just accept it completely.

Like, for example, actress and SNL star Kate McKinnon, who was passed off as Reese Witherspoon. Almost everyone they spoke to believed that she was Reese Witherspoon, even when it was clearly NOT Reese Witherspoon.

It's funny how most people believe everything they're told. Well, apart from those two people at the end.

That guy who invited her to dinner in the Chelsea Hotel will be morto when he sees this.

Even Mark Hamill loved it... as well as asking the question we all wondered.

Our next question is WHEN IS MARK HAMILL DOING ONE?!