Renowned industrial designer Marc Newson has come up with a new concept that might just change the way we live forever. 

Despite many technological advances in the world of beer-swilling, we have yet to come across a way of replicating the taste and feel of getting a lovely glass of draft beer in your own home...until now. 

Along with Heineken and Krups, Newson has come up with what is being described as the 'Nespresso of the beer world', which will allow you to get a cold, freshly pulled pint at home. It works by loading up a 'TORP', which is a pressurized module that holds two litres of beer (essentially a mini-keg) and producing a perfect pint as a result. Given that Newson was involved, this was always going to look pretty nice too, and we get the impression it would sit perfectly on your kitchen counter top. 

Image via DesignTaxi

Newson, who recently joined Apple, is obviously still working away on a few other projects like this, but will probably be producing some equally sleek and futuristic stuff for the tech company in the near future. For now, it's Heineken who have backed this project, and will be releasing a version of it with their own branding. 

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More than likely they'll have exclusive rights for a while, but other beer brands may want to get involved and start producing TORPs themselves if it takes off. Either way, this little gadget has shot its way straight to the top of the must have list for any Man Cave out there, including our own. 

Via DesignTaxi