What with it being winter and all, you’ve probably been inundated with e-mails and the like about where to have your annual office party. But remember, parties are for life not just for Christmas.

And that’s why the National Concert Hall has its doors open all year round for functions, parties and basically any event you could imagine, and all based right in the heart of Dublin, right at your fingertips, sure where else would you find it.

Established in 1981, The National Concert Hall is rated by performing artists as one of the finest concert halls in Europe and has enjoyed unprecedented success in recent years with attendance figures reaching record highs and events promoted exceeding 1,000 annually.

Its elegant event spaces offer a wide variety of entertainment options for corporate partners to enhance relationships and encourage intimate client cultivation. You receive a broad range of benefits to enhance entertainment opportunities, including room usage, in house catering and event planning support for truly unique experiences.

But time for brass-tax. There are four levels of annual membership, Silver(€2,000), Gold(€5,000), Platinum(€7,000), and Diamond(€10,000), so it’s a price list to cater for all budgets. And with six different rooms, capacities ranging from 30 to 1,200, it’d be tough to find a venue that wouldn’t suit.

But it’s not just a room you’d be getting, oh no. Dedicated box office personnel, listing on the website, their programmes, complimentary tickets, plus invitations to the annual gala, and that’s just on the Silver membership, things get all kinds of fancy as you go up through the levels.

But if we list everything available we might just break the internet, so for more information click here, or contact them by calling 01 417 0065.