See, every cloud. She may have been hounded by Beliebers intent on bringing her to their leader, but seemingly she's landed a modelling career as a result of all the unwanted attention.

Back in December, Bieber posted the below to his Instagram, with the following question: "OMG who is this?!" After much sleuthing from his army of followers they tracked her down. Her name is Cindy Kimberly and - in short - this had been a sitting duck for Beliebers across the globe. She posted her own thoughts to Instagram alongside a blank picture which went a little something like this: "I so do not know how to deal with this but I only have instagram (I did use to have a twitter account but I deactivated) Edit: I just deleted my tumblr and someone took my old url."

After the initial overwhelming wave, the modelling offers started rolling in. According to Mashable: "the most recent being the chance to walk in a Madrid Fashion Week show." Speaking via the Daily Mai, the 17-year-old said: "I'm constantly receiving calls offering me things, but I'm focused on my studies and fashion commitments I'd already made."

Despite this, she's obviously jumped at the opportunity to appear at Madrid Fashion Week. She posted the below to her Facebook thanking Justin for the proverbial leg up. 

According to, she reportedly used to babysit for 3euro an hour, so this is hopefully a bonus to the finances. 

Via Mashable