You may remember a few months back we reported on an impromptu sparring match between Conor McGregor and Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

Bjornsson is a strongman competitor but Game of Thrones fans will be more familiar with him for his portrayal of fearsome character 'The Mountain'. 

While it initially looked like it was all a bit of fun, there were certainly times where we felt things might get serious real fast between those two. McGregor had already commented on the match before in his usual bravado manner but now Bjornsson has had his say and his telling of it is a bit different to McGregor's. 

In an interview with GQ the Icelandic strongman shared his thoughts on the fight. 

You know, Conor McGregor is in this package, too. I saw you guys had a little sparring session. He landed a few punches.
He was trying to punch me. I didn’t feel anything. [laughs]

Who do you think won the fight?
He believes he won it. He does not know that I was taking it easy on him because he has a fight and I didn’t want to break him before the fight. He’s worked too much, so I didn’t want to break him.

Compare that to McGregor's version of events. 

Far be it from us to judge McGregor, the last fight we were in was on the primary school playground, but we think his natural bravado is masking over the fact that there was definitely at least one moment where Bjornsson could have squished him.