Mad Men has been a huge hit series, and it looks set to become part of the iconic New York city skyline. 

Don Draper is one of the most stylish men ever seen on TV. The lines of his suits have been slick and sharp, his white shirts have been impeccably crisp, and there's never a hair out of place, even after a late night of drinking Old Fashioneds on the town. 

That impeccable nature is difficult to capture, but the new project of world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid looks to tap in to some of that with the character's name becoming part of the building. 

While the official title of the penthouse apartment is PH-37, the designer has given it the nickname of the Don Draper apartment in a recent interview, and it will be seriously stylish. It measures 6,391-square-feet and it's a duplex with five bedrooms and six full bathrooms (with a half one thrown in on top for good measure) while the 334-square-foot balcony and private terrace spanning 2,297 square-feet will surely be the selling point of this behemoth.

Speaking of selling, you might want to get saving now, as the cost of the apartment on West 28th Street may well be around the $35 million (€25.6 million) mark. Add to that expected costs like an electricity bill of $41,000 per year, and it's possible that not even Don himself could afford to live here.

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