Although there are a lot of football players who dress like a child with no fashion sense who has been given free reign over their wardrobe, there are a few who get it right all the time.

While there have been plenty of footballers who have committed all sorts of style crimes, a few players, in particular at the World Cup in Brazil which got under way last night, manage to make the right calls and dress with a bit of style and panache, so we decided to take a look at the best-dressed players who will grace the field over the coming weeks.

We’ll start with a slightly off the wall choice in the form of Portugal’s Raul Meireles. He’s a man with a daring haircut, plenty of tattoos and an interesting sense of style that verges on the hipster. That’s perhaps unfair, it’s completely hipster, and there’s no way of getting around that. However, he does pull off a suit very well, and this particular number shows that pretty well.


Mario Balotelli is a combustible character and a mercurial player, who could well prove to the world that he deserves to be considered among the best in the world at this World Cup, but he’s already made an impression in terms of style in recent days. While the team do travel in uniform, Balotelli’s personal touches and natural sense of confidence make him look extra cool in this particular shot:

Xabi Alonso is a class act on the field and off it, and that extends to his sense of style. He knows what colours suit him and sticks to that palette, with the odd splash thrown in for variety. He’s also the face of Emidio Tucci’s range, and no surprise since he epitomises their classic style with clean lines and quality cuts. We think of him pretty much as the Don Draper of football, if that helps you to understand his greatness.

Andrea Pirlo, another Italian, is a man who makes the list too, mainly because he has one of the finest beards known to mankind. However, that’s not all that’s great about him, he’s also ridiculously gifted, and his family own a vineyard, so he makes wine in his spare time when he’s not winning leagues with his side Juventus or writing a brilliant autobiography.

Pic via The Gaste Beta

Finally, although he’s not playing Brazil, we couldn’t leave David Beckham off the list, after all, he even has his own line of clothing with H&M. He looks a bit better in them than we do, but he also knows how to wear everything from the perfect suit to casual shirt and jeans. While we would like to meet D. Becks and have a chinwag, we never want to get our picture taken next to him, no one looks good next to Dave.