The top searches on Google in Ireland for the past year have been unveiled.

We now know what were the most popular ‘how to’ and ‘what is’ searches as well as the most searched movies, sporting events, recipes and general searches.

The most searched for movie on Google in Ireland was Dunkirk followed by IT and Beauty and the Beast. After that, La La Land was the fourth most searched for movie and the recently released Justice League was the fifth.

The top trending sports event on Google shouldn’t come at too great a surprise – it was Ireland vs Denmark followed by McGregor vs Mayweather. The third, fourth and fifth most searched for sporting events were Cheltenham, Confederations Cup, and Ireland vs Wales, respectively.

The most popular overall search was not Donald Trump, who came in second, but Hurricane Ophelia. After that, Ireland v Denmark, 13 Reasons Why and (*sighs*) fidget spinners were the third, fourth and fifth most popular searches overall.


The biggest ‘How to…?’ searches were as follows:

1. How to make slime

2. How to watch McGregor vs Mayweather

3. How to lose weight

4. How to check credit on 3

5. How to make pancake mix


Meanwhile, the biggest ‘What is…’ searches were:

1. What is the antikythera mechanism

2. What is a hurricane

3. What is bitcoin

4. What is a pangolin

5. What is a tracker mortgage


As for all you foodies interested in the most searched for recipes, a pretty traditional pattern is evident from the fact that people are googling how to make (in descending order) spaghetti Bolognese, chilli con carne, beef stroganoff, guacamole and pavlova. So there you have it.


Via Google Trends