Not all heroes wear capes, as we know, but some can do something so small that it can change the world.

Take, for example, the absolute hero who deactivated Donald Trump's Twitter account for all of about twelve minutes. For twelve brief and beautiful minutes, the world was quiet and calm - and it looked like we were free of the living nightmare that is Donald Trump's Twitter account.

As a later investigation revealed, the person in question did it on their final day as a Twitter employee - but who was it? What was their name? Why did they do it? Well, the last one's obvious. Anyway, TechCrunch sat down with Bahtiyar Duysak, a German man with Turkish roots who worked briefly for Twitter's Trust And Safety division.

Since the event, Duysak says he's been pursued by media pretty relentlessly, saying that he "didn’t do any crime or anything evil, but I feel like Pablo Escobar... and slowly, it's getting really annoying." As for his reasons for deactiving Trump's account, it seemed like it was somewhat done on a whim - and had far-reaching consequences that he probably didn't expect.

You can read the full article on TechCrunch here, and a video interview with Duysak below.


Via TechCrunch