It was a case of the bigger the celeb, the worse the outfit choice at last night's MET Gala in NYC, with the A-list cracking out the designers duds while the younger and lesser known actually held their own. The theme of the evening was 'PUNK: Chaos to Couture', although that wasn't readily apparent from what was on show on the red carpet. Some took punk to heart, while others just seemed to think it meant 'Come as whatever you want' (we're talking to you and your red carpet runners Jason Sudeikis) and there were some definitive winners and losers.

Cara Delevingne was hands down the winner for hitting the punk/high-fashion mix nail on the head, although she didn't seem too impressed that Sienna Miller kind of stole her look with her studded jacket. Miley wasn't far behind, her hair finally fitting in with an aesthetic. And say what you will about Kim Kardashian's choice, but to come to a haute couture gala event when you're that pregnant and wear that much pattern takes some serious balls (even i the matching gloves do look freaky as hell). Christina Ricci sort of got down with the program, in something that Vivienne Westwood would have worn only a couple of years ago. And Miranda Kerr was her usual gorgeous self.

Now for the misfortunes of the evening. Beyoncé looked like a supervillian, and her Givenchy ensemble is just nausea inducing, while Gwyneth's pink gown is blindingly hideous. And Madonna just came as a late 2010 Jessie J. Nicki Minaj came as a boring blue frump, while Katy Perry wore a Dolce and Gabbana religious icon dress, complete with insane tiara and giant cross earrings. Sarah Jessica Parker just tried too hard, throwing a Philip Treacy mohawk on her head while wearing a massive sack of material and tartan boots, basically screaming 'LOVE AND ACKNOWLEDGE ME PLEASE' at everyone in attendance. And we can't not talk about K.Stew. We don't even know what this is.

Then we have the in-betweeners, the people who made an effort and looked nice but in a general way and just got prettied up for a red carpet. Emma Watson looked good but kind of boring, as did Rita Ora, Carey Mulligan, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway. Although at least Anne has new hair to get her some press attention today. But all in all, a general 'Meh'. With the exception of Miley and Cara, it was more Punk'd than punk.