This Sunday 24th of August at 3pm, the LGBT Noise campaign will bring the March for Marriage to the streets of Dublin, so here's what you need to know to get involved.

The referendum on marriage equality is set to take place in Spring of next year, so the campaigns are well and truly underway to get a movement going in the lead up to the vote. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people are prohibited from marrying in a civil ceremony, and LGBT Noise want to make sure that you can make your voice heard on this vital issue.

That's why they're organising the March for Marriage on August 24th, which will see a huge turnout of people take to the streets of Dublin to show their support for the movement and to help bring equality to Ireland. This is your opportunity to be visible and to be part of this most needed change. 

Denying the right to marry to LGBT couples makes them second-class citizens, and not only discriminates against them but also their children. Noise are urging everyone who wants to make Ireland a truly equal society to get involved and bring your friends, your co-workers and your neighbours along with you to the March for Marriage, which will start at City Hall on August 24th at 3pm.

For more information about the March and how you can get involved visit the LGBT Noise website, or check out their Facebook page.