There are plenty of gifts you can pick your aul fella up this Father’s Day, but in case you’re stuck for inspiration, here are a few of our suggestions.

What your Dad most probably wants this weekend is a nice meal, some time in front of the TV with the World Cup on, and maybe a nice drink to enjoy it all with, but while that’s all well and good, us guys do like to be spoiled a little bit too, so no harm in getting us a few little presents here and there 


We know that getting a certain generation of Irish men into using moisturiser and looking after their skin is about as easy as getting into a cow down the stairs, but it’s something that’s definitely worth doing. A recent survey showed that sensitive skin is a real problem for men with, 57% suffering from some form of sensitivity on their face. Yet despite the distraction of reddening and burning, 49% of these men don’t use sensitive specific skincare products to help alleviate the problem and avoid the discomfort.

Nivea’s latest range is specifically designed for sensitive skin, and being alcohol free also helps avoid causing any further irritation. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell and it’s not all thick and gloopy leaving your face feeling like it’s been hit by Slimer from the Ghostbusters, so it’s all good. They’ve get everything from face wash to shave gel, and given that it was launched this month, it should be well stocked in all good pharmacies and bigger supermarkets.

Pampering, but for men

If you have to convince your dad to take some time to treat himself, without using the word pampering or anything like that, we have the solution: a hot towel shave. If your dad still hacks away with a bic disposable razor from time to time, this will be like having his face caressed by clouds, and there are plenty of places to check out where you can pick up vouchers, like the famous Waldorf in Dublin, while we’ve been reliably informed that The Golden Scissors in Cork also do a bang up job. A quick Google around your area should sort you out no problem.

If you prefer, you can also kit him out to get all his shaving done at home with the finest accessories. Again, a good barber will stock brushes, lathers and accessories, while there are shops that can look after your every need in that regard too, such as James Fox in Dublin.


Most men will hop up out of bed in the morning and start brewing their first cup with the sleep dust still in their eyes, so why not help them start their day the right way with some top quality beans. 3FE do a great selection, while we’re also big fans of Two Spots, who roast their coffee in Dublin, which is a nice touch. There are also loads of accessories to be had, and a Bialetti espresso pot should be right at the top of the list, if he doesn't already own one. 

You can sign him up for 3FE’s momentum monthly subscription which will be delivered to the door, but if you decide to wait until Christmas to use this idea, then the Robert Roberts Coffee Connoisseur Club is also a great one.


The Man Cave takes our whiskey seriously, and there is a huge selection out there from Japanese to Irish, Scottish and American Bourbon, so it can get a bit confusing. Your local off-licence should stock a few and have some options, but there are also specialty shops like The Celtic Whiskey Shop who can guide you from start to finish on what the right one is for your aul fella. 


Japanese whiskeys such as Taketsuru are hugely underrated in our humble opinion, and they have 12-year and 17-year malts that represent very good value and are something out of the ordinary. Of course, we'll support our own here in Ireland too, which is why we quite like Teeling. At just over €50 it won't break the bank, but you certainly get bang for your buck with their single grain whiskey. If sweeter drinks that go well with a mixer are more his thing, go for Maker's Mark, which is great on its own or in a whiskey sour either. 


If your dad's aftershave comes in a two-litre bottle and can be bought in a bargain bin, then it's time to upgrade. Matching a scent to someone is pretty difficult, but there are a few that we're very much enjoying at the minute, which we heartily recommend. 

Firstly, we've always liked Armani Code, and their latest in the series is called Ice, featuring the ridiculously good-looking Chris Pine as the front man for the campaign. You can read what we thought of it over here, but if you fancy a short summary, it adds a nice hint of citrus to the original fragrance, and is perfect for the long, warmer evenings, without being overpowering. Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb is also nice and subtle, with a sweet scent that still contains a masculine musk, and is nice and fresh for the summer months.

Main pic via Anieto2k