Given the lovely weather outside and the fact that we don't get this type of sunshine very often, we tend to go a bit mad just to get out there and soak up some Vitamin D.

We’re unlikely to see it again until the same time next year, so that's excusable, but we also tend to forget about skin care, which us Irish men are not great for in general either. However, the times they are a-changin' as they say, so we've put together a quick guide to essentials that you need for keeping your skin right as rain in the summer weather. If you’re headed to a festival, playing a bit of football for the afternoon or off on holidays, you can’t afford to forget about your skin, so make sure to throw these in your wash bag.

Suntan lotion

It can be a pain to carry around and an annoyance to apply, so Nivea’s protect & refresh spray is the lazy man’s solution. The refresh in the title is also a very welcome blast of freshness on the particularly warm days, as we can all get a bit sweaty in the heat.

On that front, the invisible cooling mist is an absolute must too, and with some added SPF in there too, it kills two birds with one stone and can keep you sane even in the hottest conditions. Just remember to re-apply regularly to avoid getting burned and related symptoms like red neck and farmer’s tan.


A skin care regime is important for men of any age, and making sure you perform it regularly will help you to look more like George Clooney and less like Troy McClure as the years go on.

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Kiehl’s are a brand that we trust, not only because they give their products manly names like 'facial fuel' and use masculine colours on their packaging, but also because they've been at this for decades and know what they're doing, as well as making products that are specifically for us men and our regime rather than redesigned from the female equivalent. We have different skin, and we need different products as a result, which is why the Oil Eliminator range is perfect, in particular for the summer.

We sweat more than the fairer sex, especially during the heat, and this can lead to oily skin. The Oil Eliminator range helps to get rid of that shine that oily skin produces and reduces the amount of sweat that appears too. The range includes a face wash, toner and moisturiser, and using them all will have the best effect. In particular we like the toner though, as it’s also quite refreshing in the warm weather. Plus they sent some of it into space, which is cool, obviously.

Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash- RRP: €23.00

Refreshing Shine Control Toner – RRP: €21.00

24-Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer for Men – RRP: €35.00

More sun block

You need to take extra care when it comes to your face, not only because it’s a part of the body that people will see first if you burn, but also because it has lots of sticky-out bits that will burn very quickly if you’re not careful. From your ears to your nose, you should be covering up with a high factor here, as you can forget to re-apply to your face, which is another crucial part of it. SPF 50 is the ticket, and La-Roche Posay’s Anthelios Face Comfort Cream will do the trick nicely.

It should be priced around €18, and you won’t be lashing through it too quickly since it’s a high factor.

After sun

If you have been hit by the sun, it means you didn't follow our instructions above! Never mind, if that is the case, then Aloe Vera is your best friend. Anything you can find with the plant in it (or even better, the plant itself) will help your woes, and sticking to something here that is as natural as possible for your irritated skin is the best course of action.

Life plan Aloe Vera gel has a high percentage of the plant, while Nivea also have an aloe-based moisturiser that you can apply and wash off in the shower that will soothe your sore spots. Just make sure you learned your lesson and that you lash on the sun cream next time you're out.

All over body moisturiser

Other parts of your body that get exposed to the sun a lot are your shoulders and your forearms, and you'll need to keep them cared for too. Palmer's for Men is our particular favourite on that front, it does the job on dry skin pretty quickly (which is pretty common on elbows) and it leaves you smelling like cocoa butter, which is a really nice smell so that can't hurt either. What? We all want to smell good...

Again, this shouldn't break the bank, coming in at under €8 in most places, which is a much more cost-effective solution than covering your arms and shoulders in your facial moisturiser. Trust us.