Never again will you have to wave goodbye to the sad look on your pooch’s face as you head out to the gym – now he/she can join you in your exercise routine.

#dogsquat aka #SquatYourDog aka #squatyourdogchallenge is sweeping the net.

The trend involves using your dog as a weight while you squat and according to Shortlist, the trend was started by Alyssa Greene, a fitness blogger, and her dog, Colonel.

“Some days you just need something to brighten up your feed and make you smile,” she said. “If anyone wants to join me in this fun, take a video of yourself squatting your dog or pet and tag me in it! Or just enjoy this video of me and my freaking adorable pet. Disclaimer: if they're too heavy, don't try it. If they don't like it, put them down. Know your animal before partaking!”

Some results have been impressive, while others aren’t exactly the most elegant looking. Just mind your back and be aware that the liveliness of your pooch may be a hindrance!



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Squat your dog challenge! #squatyourdogchallenge #squatyourdog

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