The Los Angeles Times has published an article where 5 women accuse James Franco of "sexually exploitive and inappropriate behavior."

4 of the 5 women were students at Studio 4, the film school where Franco teached. He is accused of "an abuse of power" by the students, on the set of indie film 'The Long Home' which starred Josh Hutcherson, Courtney Love, and Timothy Hutton. There's an orgy scene in the production, which Franco directed and appeared in.

According to the report "A handful of women were selected to appear with Franco, who simulated performing oral sex on each of them" Former student Sarah Tither-Kaplan told The LA Times, "He removed a clear plastic guard that covered their vaginas - and continued to simulate the sex act with no protection."

Franco also taught a "sex scene" class at Studio 4, which resulted in some of the students work being loaded onto Vimeo. Franco's attorney said “Any online posting of videos, including if applicable Vimeo, were operated and created by the students to showcase their collective work.”

Franco appeared on Colbert Tuesday night and Seth Meyers last night and addressed the claims.