By now, you've most likely seen the hilarious video of two kids - Marion and James - barging into the middle of a BBC World News interview whilst their mother scrambles after them.

You've also seen the shot-by-shot analysis, the various parodies and riffs on the video, the thinkpieces (no, really) on them and everything else. That's all fine, but the elusive question remains is why. Why did these kids just decide to charge into the room?

As it turns out, their grandparents had a perfectly good explanation. According to Ellen Kelley, the two kids' grandmother, Professor Robert E. Kelley of Pusan National University - the guy being interviewed - regularly uses Skype in the same office and the children are used to being in the room when he's online.

"Robert usually Skypes with us from his home office, which is where he did the interview. The kids probably heard voices coming from the computer and assumed it was us," explained Ellen to MailOnline.

"It was just hilarious," but she added that she hopes her son, Professor Kelley, "gains recognition for his expertise rather than for this - as great as it all is."


Via MailOnline