It's that time of the month again - where I promote something on the Gossip page that's not entirely gossip related. So very, very naughty of me. But it's / Irish Web Award news so it's not a million miles from the usual subject matter.

The nominated list for the Irish Web Awards has been released with record numbers of people and entries. Media organisations have featured heavily in nominations this year with newspaper sites like,, and being nominated, while the websites for 98FM, Spin 1038, RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2FM and Phantom 1052 have been nominated too.

Organiser Damien Mulley noted "A large deal of media organisations now realise that the web is another distribution channel and not just print, Radio or TV and have invested heavily into moving their content online where there is infinite space and time to continue on a news story or radio show."

The Web Awards are the only web/digital awards that sees all of the nominated websites get judged by 100s of web experts, as well as people that use the web on a daily basis. Nominations and the judging process is free with tickets to the event priced at €30, up to 1/10th of the cost of other award events.

Weeell, guess what. aren't nominated in the Entertainment category - because we just so happen to be sponsoring the entire award. I know, get us *shines nails* I even get to totter onstage to present the award to the winner. Needless to say, the brain has been preoccupied by footwear for the last few days. Sad but true.

Judging of the nominations will begin shortly and the ceremony will take place this coming Saturday with 2FM's Rick O'Shea as host. All nominee details are on if you fancy some light informative reading on how to get involved if you so wish.