If ever there was an aptly named place to have a water protest sign...

The water protests have been making headlines at home for the past few months, but it seems they've also gone all international too, as they're getting coverage int he US of A, of all places.

But not just anywhere Stateside, rather the protests have made it to the most aptly named place in all the land: Flushing.

Pic via Broadsheet/DNA Info

The sign, which reads "no Irish water tax!", was spotted on 37th Avenue in Flushing, Queens. The building was under construction until earlier this month, when a partial stop work order was issued as a result of expired permits, according to the what DNA info found out from the Department of Buildings.

No one is quite sure how the sign got there, and a worker who was interviewed outside the premises helpfully commented "What is a water tax?". He declined to give his name.

Via Broadsheet, DNAinfo