As you've probably heard, two elderly men in their 80s have married one another in an effort to avoid paying taxes when transferring property from individual to another.

The two men, who were married in a ceremony yesterday, have been pretty frank about the fact that they're using the recently-passed Marriage Equality amendment to dodge taxes, but since they're OAPs, it's somehow fine and dandy - and, not, y'know, tax evasion. But they're old, so it's all a gas. Totally gas that they're using legislation people marched and campaigned for to dodge tax.

Totally gas.

Anyway, the story has naturally made headlines across Ireland and - sure enough - it featured on last night's Seth Meyers, complete with jokes about Catholicism, homophobia and a bad Irish accent. If they threw in something about alcoholism, they'd have hit the Irish stereotype bingo and Domhnall Gleeson and Saoirse Ronan would have materialised from nowhere and dumped a keg of Guinness over Meyers.

Or not.

Here's the bit.