For athletes at the top level, the difference between losing and winning is often in the mind. 

There's very little to choose between the players in the NFL when it comes to athleticism and fitness, so having the mental edge on the opposition can be a true advantage. With that in mind, Washington decided that they'd invite Rob O'Neill, the Irish-American Navy SEAL who claims to have been the man that shot Osama Bin Laden, to give them a pre-game talk ahead of their match this Sunday. 

His words were undoubtedly inspirational, and afterwards the players who tweeted about the meeting were full of praise for O'Neill. Wide receiver Pierre Garçon took to Instgram to say that he was a "real hero" and to thank him for the speech. 

He might not be invited back however, as Washington ended up getting their pants pulled down and their bottoms thoroughly spanked by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in particular WR Mike Evans, who had a monster day and we left him on our bench in fantasy, a real error on our part. Don't think we're not regretting that today.

Via BroBible