First impressions: it's very green. Perhaps too green. And that collar looks a little strange.

The IRFU have unveiled the new Irish rugby jersey in which they'll attempt to defend their Six Nations crown early next year and their first under the new sponsorship from Three, who also have their logo emblazoned on Ireland's soccer jerseys.

Perhaps it's this connection in our heads but the jersey does resemble a soccer jersey, no doubt principally due to the new sponsorship and also the slighter lighter shade of green but we don't mind one little bit what they're wearing as long as it leads to a successful November series, Six Nations and World Cup.

It's also weird to see a new jersey without a certain Mr. O'Driscoll involved in its unveiling.

Hey, like it or loathe it at least the days of baggy jerseys from the mid-90's are behind us, such as the one shown off by Simon Geoghegan below.