And of course, there's John "100 Caps National Hero New High King of Ireland" O'Shea front and centre...

Despite the RTE panel's negativity and the fact that most of us watched the game behind the couch and don't have any nails left and we're horse from shouting and screaming, last night was great, wasn't it?

For John O'Shea, it must have been pretty special after he grabbed the late, dramatic equaliser on the occasion of his 100th cap for the country, complete with captain's armband on. It's the stuff of childhood dreams, and we have to say that the lads looked pretty happy in this selfie that they snapped on the way back from Germany today.

Via The FAI on Facebook

We can't see Roy Keane in it, but we're sure he's off somewhere disgusted and seething at the amount of unbridled joy that was on display last night after we only secured a draw. Anything other than a win is a horrible, crushing defeat that will weigh heavy for all eternity on Roy's tortured soul.