It's been a feature of iPhones since the iPhone 5 was released back in 2012, but if the rumours are true, the lightning port is a thing of the past.

There are a tonne of rumours floating around about what Apple are planning for the iPhone 8, from it being made entirely from glass to its screen being curved and made out of flexible OLED material to a front-facing 3D camera replacing TouchID - but one of the most credible is that the lightning port will be replaced with a USB-C port, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Basically, this means that it will have the same port as many newer models of Android phones and the newer version (since 2015) of the MacBook Pro - and the USB-C is a more versatile cable, which can handle charge, output video and transfer data all at the same time.

With Apple making the headphone jack a thing of the past with the iPhone 7, it seems like there's no stopping progress in Apple HQ - but no doubt there'll be a similar uproar from some quarters.

The iPhone 8 is reportedly due for release at some point this year.