The rumour mill is abuzz with news that George Clooney and David Beckham will touch down in Ireland this weekend ahead of the Irish Open Golf Championship in Newcastle, Count Down.

The event will see some of golfs biggest stars, including of course Rory McIlroy, strutting their stuff on the course, and will undoubtedly attract some big names, but Clooney and Beckham? We didn't even know they were mates.

Turns out though, that George often lets the Beckhams stay in his Lake Como home when it's available. Sure they'd never get a holiday otherwise, bless them.

Clooney has talked before about how much he would love to visit Ireland and said recently it would be this summer at some point... could that point be now?

We're onto you Clooney.

The whole thing may just be a case of internet Chinese whispers though, but we should probably all get our asses up to Newcastle anyways, just in case like.