Sammy Griner is one of the most famous faces on the internet, although you might not know his real name. He is probably better known to you as Success Kid, one of the most widely used memes on the internet.

While he's still only 8-years-old (he was just 11 months old when he found internet fame), Griner is using his recognisable mug for the good of others, namely his father Justin, who was diagnosed with kidney failure back in 2006, and has learned that he needs a transplant. 

The procedure itself is pretty damn expensive, costing around $75,000 (€70,246) so the family have turned to crowdfunding to try and raise the money. On their GoFundMe page, the family explain the the plight that 39-year-old Justin finds himself in, that his mother died from the disease, and how they want to "write a different story for Justin and his son, Sam."

So far, they've gotten just over $10,000 to build towards their goal, and there have been a number of people getting in touch to offer their kidneys for transplant in the hope that they would be a match. 

Via i100. Main pic via KnowYourMeme