Back in June, the internet was arguing about whether those frozen ice pops are called ‘cool pops’, ‘Mr Freezes’ or something else (in fact, there were several different names suggested for them). Now there’s a new debate on what potato-based snack is chips and which is crisps.

It’s a debate as old as time itself, with us here in Ireland typically referring to French fries as chips, as do our UK counterparts, while the US call what we call crisps chips.

In fact, when here’s what came up, respectively, when we searched for chips and crisps in Google images:



Confusing, right?

Now, new suggestions for what are the thicker and thinner version of French fries (which your average supermarket here tends to refer to as thick cut or chunky chips and skinny fries) have made the discussion more animated than ever.

If nothing else, at least we now have a handy guide of how to refer to each product according to whichever country we're ordering them in, which should ensure the avoidance of disappointment in future.



















You'll easily find both here in Ireland anyway, as we love chips and crisps to a near obsessive extent.