Depending on where you are in the world, the different words that people have for things can be pretty amusing.

For example, Americans calling taps 'faucets', Australians calling flip-flops 'thongs' and the whole confusion over the 'jam/jelly/jell-o' thing; it's a celebration of a weird and wonderful language that we can (mostly) agree to disagree upon.

However, one topic that has come up for discussion in recent days is the word used to describe the below items - particularly apt, given the heatwave we're currently experiencing in Ireland:


To us, these are (and always have been) called 'cool pops'. To others - particularly on Twitter - they're everything from 'ice pops' to 'ice lollies' to 'ice poles' to 'freeze pops' to 'Tip-Tops'.

We're with Ronan Keating on this one, lads:

What do you call them? Do let us know...