Irish Film and Telly Awards production team; we applaud you. Between the venue (the Gaiety), the calibre of attendee (including Mel Gibson, the sublime Bo Derek, Renee Russo, Kevin Dillon and a wrecked-looking Jonathan Reese Myers) and the myriad of different musical interlude beds - we could've been witnessing The BAFTAs. The only things contributing to the reminder that this was an Irish event was A: The Lack of Nomination Fodder. The Tudors, Garage, The Tudors, Garage, The Tudors, Kings, The Tudors, Kings and The Tudors. B: The Overly Zealous Envelopes - although looking at presenters trying to wrestle them open while spreading out "And... the... and the winner... isssss..." was fun. The only person with the cop on to open it while the snippets of film were being played was the bird from Battlestar Galactica. C: The Lighting. I'm assuming they used the same dudes that do Fair City - the shadows from the mics on the podium made everyone look like antlers were sprouting from their chests. D: Colin Farrell's Presenting Skills. Rolling out and addressing the audience with a 'shtory bud', making no effort to disguise the presence of an autocue, and then legging it as soon as he gave Saoirse Ronan's grandparents (Una and Tommy) her award (for being Ireland's only hope or something), was taking constructed 'kewl' to a ridiculous level. E: Host Ryan Tubridy. Usually we're fans but he appeared to be having an off night. Someone of his experience should know saying "And here to present Best Irish FillllmmmmmMMMmmmMMM!" would not get a titter from the attending audience. More substantial patter would be required to crack the largely stoic brows. Although I imagine 'Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema' recipient, Mel Gibson, would've found hilarity in anything given his acceptance speech. It included more than a passing interest in oversized pigs and the line "Could you feel me up, Margaret?" Now that raised a nervous titter but, to be fair, he's not a "good speech writer" by his own admission, and it was a good recovery considering he looked near passing out during Kathryn Thomas' acceptance speech for the *inhales deeply* 'Sonia Bravia TV Personality of The Year People's Choice Award.' Or maybe he was just resting his eyes; Kathryn was rather... bright last night (much like Faddler's tan). The inclusion of The Beastie Boys' 'Fight For Your Right' as a bed for Mel's movie montage was inspired, as was Pat Shortt's acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Fillllmmmmmm. He laughed for just that little bit too long when mounting the stage, followed by "I could stand here all night and talk about myself but that wouldn't be the done thing." Then he said Miriam O'Callaghan told him he should thank his wife. Some pointing peppered with more laughing. Then he left. That would make him point F.

To see shots of the dresses/more pictures of Bo Derek (yes, she's doing Aidan from Sex and The City), come thisaway. A full list of the winners will be gracing Mike's Movie News at some stage soon. By rights I should've payed closer attention to who won what but presumed the IFTA site would've been more prompt in updating... *tsks*