Lordy, everybody dollied themselves up to the nines for The Hunger Games LA premiere (apart from Kelly Osbourne, but sure no loss there. By the by, Shailene Woodley, stop wearing prints)).

Even the "District 3 Tribute Girl" (no idea what that means. But, according to IMDB, she's mainly been stunt doubles to date) wriggled into the most ornate gown imaginable.

Miley Cyrus, obviously not stealing boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's thunder at all, turned up in a transparent hobo bodice. Jennifer Lawrence obviously got a tip off, as she arrived with her arse encased in gold.

Those not wearing gowns include two arbitrary Jenners (A and B), who turned up with their limbs out (what else have they got going on to be fair) and Elizabeth Banks. Who looks like she crackles when she walks.

Also featured: Stephen Baldwin's "family" (that's what WENN are saying anyway); Sylvester Stallone's actual family; Miley's mum and another Cyrus we've been spared; if eyes were bottomless pits of doom; Donald Sutherland; and Woody Harrelson and more