The internet has turned this man into a model using social media and memes. We should all bow down before its awesome power.

It all started as a bit of a joke simply because Jeremy Meeks took a rather decent mugshot, but the internet has once again shown its ability to get the weirdest things in the world to take place by landing him a professional modelling contract. Sort of.

Meeks was the talk of TV shows and news items as debate raged on whether people should talk about his looks or the crimes he had committed, but it seems that type of attention has helped some modelling agencies to find an undiscovered star. TMZ are repoting that Blaze Modelz ('z' is so much cooler than 's') have offered him a contract worth somewhere in the region of $30,000, and a second chance to turn things around. 

They also point out that he didn't look great in his other mugshots, even claiming the photographer might be the real genius here, but we think it might have been a question of style. 



We have to say that in particular, that second hairstyle would make anyone look less like a model.

Via BuzzFeed