Vogue Williams is advocating for the usage of internment, Paris Hilton falling out of a Range Rover is considered worthy of an art exhibit, that man with the hair who used to host The Apprentice US is now the leader of the free world, and now, Spencer Pratt from The Hills is hanging out with Alex "The water is turning frogs gay" Jones.

In a series of tweets, reality TV mainstay Spencer Pratt appears to be hanging out with the guy who believes Sandy Hook was orchestrated by actors and recently had a guest on his show that claimed NASA is running a child slave colony on Mars. In fact, they even seem to be quite friendly with one another, sharing a joke or two and some videos together.

Not only that, Alex Jones even shared a tidbit or two on what he thinks about former Fox News broadcaster Megyn Kelly, not to mention a little video about snorkelling.


As it turns out, Pratt even did an interview on InfoWars and asked him a few questions about - you guessed it - how the world is actually a virtual-reality experiment ala The Matrix and how we're all being social-engineered by the Rothschilds and interdimenisonal aliens from the Gamma Draconis system. Speaking to the Daily Beast about his time with Jones, Pratt said that he and Jones had a heart-to-heart over a dream he had the previous night.

"He (Jones) was telling me about his dream last night, where Podesta was a troll attacking him, and Hillary was attacking him as well," said Pratt. "I was like, man, it’s rough being Alex Jones. All I dreamt about was Mai Tais last night, and he had a golem Podesta attacking him with Hillary Clinton. And on vacation! So he really lives this life. He doesn’t get to turn it off.”

Really, what the f*** is going on in the world right now.


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