A bizarre incident occurred yesterday, mere metres away from entertainment.ie headquarters. Michelle Heaton was taking a stroll through Debenhams on Henry St, during a break from her new temp job, when she stumbled upon the new Ultimo lingerie section. So seduced was she by a matching pair of knickers she'd been seeking - she burst out of her cardie, hopped up on a Perspex table (no mean feat in a pencil skirt) and displayed her own Ultimo harness to an unsuspecting tourist. When asked if she would mind being photographed beside her cardboard cut out, Michelle realised her new tourist friend, despite her tan, might cop she wasn't Mel B. She dutifully complied, nonetheless, and aped the pose to the best of her ability. She then tottered off to the Epicurean for a quick bite while said tourist set about selling the shots, he wasn't planning to keep for personal use, to WENN.