The rich get richer, folks. We can't remember who exactly said that but it's pretty true by all accounts.

Basically we're in the wrong game, as it emerged last week that a spike in the markets saw a huge wad of extra dough make its way to the pockets of Silicon Valley's finest. Not exactly walking around money that you can hit the sales with, unless you mean sales of skyscrapers or something.

These numbers are mental and reflect just a week of earnings.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos $5.6 billion
Microsoft's Bill Gates $1.5 billion and Steve Ballmer $2.1 billion
Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin $1.8 billion
Mark Zuckerberg $400 million (Pah, sort your shit out Zuckerberg) 

While those numbers account for a week, Amazon head honcho Bezos made $5 billion of his bobs ON FRIDAY.

The interest alone on some of that swag would run a small country for weeks. Or buy us some really nice stuff.

Via Bro Bible