The customer information data stolen from Ashley Madison has reportedly been published on the darkweb.

The website, which caters for those looking for an extramarital relationship, hit the news last month after it was discovered that it had been hacked, with the perpetrators taking information about large portions of the site's clientele.

Dubbing themselves the 'Impact Team', the hackers published small amounts of the data back in July, and threatened to publish the rest of the information if the site was not taken down. The failure to meet their demands has now seemingly led to 9.7 gigabytes of data being published on the darkweb, meaning it can only be accessed by encrypted browsers.

According to, the files appear to include the personal information of over 32 million customers, including log-ins, names, phone numbers, and addresses of the users, as well as seven years worth of credit card transactions, although they haven't included credit card numbers.

So far it is unclear whether users were made give their real information when signing up, but the real names and addresses will show up on the credit card transactions.

At the time of the hacks, Ashley Madison claimed to have had 37 million users(115,000 of them in Ireland), which makes this one of the largest hacks of personal information ever seen. The parent company of the site, Avid Life Media, has issued a statement calling the hack an "act of criminality" and stated that it's fully cooperating with law enforcement to find the people behind the hack.
Via Wired