If you managed to get a full night's sleep last night, congratulations! You are one of the 10 people in Ireland who managed that last night, thanks to Storm Callum. 

Callum seems like he's still battering the country at the moment, so we hope you're either working from home or have a glorious Friday off (you lucky divils!). 

Here's a roundup of the best tweets we've seen so far from you hilarious people on Twitter.

The monthly winter event took place last night, we hope they got home safely: 


Some were only interested in one thing...:


If ONLY this would happen - imagine the summers we'd have then:


We're still waiting on the final results of this epic event - silver medals all round:


Queueing up for Post Malone tickets - it's the consequence you get:




We are here for you in this difficult time:


Legend has it that Met Eireann sleep underground:


We hope nobody was out walking:


It's all this guy's fault:


At least it'll be nice and quiet in there hopefully:


Get those windows up:


A little Calvin & Hobbes reference always makes everything better:


Salthill in Galway this morning looking wet:




Someone is suspicious...:


God Bless the days of Teletext:


Some thought Callum was a bit of a softie:


I wish I was slowly turning into an REM album cover:


Absolute FILTH:


I wouldn't get on a ferry today for all the tea being poured around the country this morning:


And we really want to know the full story to this - surely it can't be real?: